iMC Motorcom is proud to introduce the integrated helmet headset for the Vega Summit 3.0 modular helmet. It features the popular iMC Motrcom 60 series headset, which installs perfectly in the Summit 3.0. You get all the benefits of the clean installation, high quality 30mm flat panel speakers, and noise cancelling microphone.

Great news for Goldwing riders is that the headset will work perfectly with the 5 pin audio system on the motorcycle and is offered in 3 colors that match the Goldwing paint. Of course the headset is available for all iMC wired applications including the Harley 7 Pin audio system, MIT-100 intercom systems, HS-500 3.5mm smartphone headsets, two way radios, and the list goes on.

Most importantly is the price of the Vega Summit 3.0 and integrated headset at 249.95, it is probably the best value on the market, and with an integrated headset probably one of the smartest buys as well.
Vega Helmet with iMC

Helmet Features

  • Certified to stringent European ECE 22.05 Standard.
  • Meets or exceeds DOT standard.
  • Tinted, interior, drop-down sunshield is replaceable.
  • Available in 2010 Honda™ color match colors.
  • Modular design allows convenient one-handed operation for ‘easy on/easy off’ while wearing glasses.
  • Adjustable, 2 stage center chin vent adds comfort and reduces fogging. Forehead, cheek, and back vents maximize airflow.
  • Channeled interior for maximum ventilation.
  • 6-position, optically correct, clear outer shield included.
  • Series B shields available in 9 variations of tint, mirror, and anti-fog coatings.
  • Removable [snap in/snap out] Comfort Fit Liner, made with superior Wick-Dri fabric, is washable.
  • Liners are interchangeable within size range: XS–M & L–2XL.
  • New knapsack style Joey Bag, with storage pocket for an extra shield, functions as both a protective helmet bag and a handy gear bag included.