About iMC Motorcom

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IMC Motorcom prides itself on producing the highest quality products and selling them at the lowest possible price.

Founded in West Germany in the late 90's, iMC Motorcom stands for International Marketing Concept, and has indeed risen to be the number motorcycle audio company in many countries. Like numerous businesses iMC Motorcom has humble beginnings but has grown tremendously. iMC Motorcom has always focused on innovation; creating the first Stereo Bluetooth motorcycle intercom (the BHS-600) in 2007 and the first popular half helmet headset (the 40 series).

iMC Motorcom is headquartered in Germany and has distributors in: United States, Sweden, Canada, France, Spain and Italy among other locations.

We take great pride in the products we sell and try our best to test every product to its fullest capabilities. That is why when you talk to someone at iMC Motorcom by phone or email you can rest assured that you will get an informed answer.


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